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Again & Again takes place in cancerland, a world no one wants to visit. The novel’s story is told by Paula, a nurse, and Chloe, a 23-year- old with a terminal diagnosis. Chloe, fierce, fragile, passionate, generous and self-absorbed–yes, all those things–is determined to defeat her own death and to save four-year-old Colin, whose insurance company is refusing the treatment that can save his life. The two women and a handful of other patients embark on a quest that veers between comedy and tragedy. They help and encourage each other, weep and rejoice together, and refuse to give up a task that often seems impossible. After all, they reason, what do they have to lose? Again & Again is about illness, female bonding, love and fear, and the intense joy and vitality that can inform lives lived in the shadow of death.

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Juliet Wittman

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