Buntport Benefit

Buntport Benefit Some eighteen years ago, six actor-writers who had met as students at Colorado College got together to create Buntport, a kind of theater that’s entirely original, in a coldly echoing Denver warehouse. They are Erin Rollman, Brian Colonna, Hannah...

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Review: As You Like It

As You Like It Four years ago, Kent Thompson, then the artistic director at the Denver Center, staged a magical production of As You Like It. I remember it in clear, drifting pastels—gorgeous costumes and set, a transcendently beautiful Rosalind, and an interpretation...

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Teri Rippeto’s Lamb Stew

Some years ago, I started my writing day with a prompt from Ursula Le Guin’s wonderful Steering the Craft, something like, “Describe a chaotic scene with a lot of characters and action.” I started describing Stocker’s kitchen, and the words just flowed. I was laughing...

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