Westword Review:Phamaly Brings Grace, Style and Decency to Chicago

I’d promised myself I wouldn’t use words like “inspirational” or “life-affirming” to describe the production of Chicago by Phamaly, a company made up entirely of performers with disabilities. These performers are genuine artists who create professional — often...

Westword Review: Leonard Barrett Is Back With Phamaly in Chicago

I first saw Leonard Barrett in 2004, when he was starring as Sky Masterson in Guys and Dolls, staged by the Phamaly Theatre Company at the Space Theatre at the Denver Center. His performance was intriguing, stylish and poised, yet at the same time entirely his own: He...

Westword Review: The Queen Is Dead, but the King Is Fumbling in Charles III

In Mike Bartlett’s King Charles III: A Future History Play, currently in a regional premiere as part of the Colorado Shakespeare Festival’s summer lineup, Queen Elizabeth II has died, and Prince Charles — who’s past seventy— has ascended to the throne. He’s grieving...

Wordplay: This Writing Life

Here is about language and everyday life

Buntport Benefit

Buntport Benefit Some eighteen years ago, six actor-writers who had met as students at Colorado College got together to create Buntport, a kind of theater that’s entirely original, in a coldly echoing Denver warehouse. They are Erin Rollman, Brian Colonna, Hannah...

Review: As You Like It

As You Like It Four years ago, Kent Thompson, then the artistic director at the Denver Center, staged a magical production of As You Like It. I remember it in clear, drifting pastels—gorgeous costumes and set, a transcendently beautiful Rosalind, and an interpretation...

Teri Rippeto’s Lamb Stew

Some years ago, I started my writing day with a prompt from Ursula Le Guin’s wonderful Steering the Craft, something like, “Describe a chaotic scene with a lot of characters and action.” I started describing Stocker’s kitchen, and the words just flowed. I was laughing...

Stocker’s Kitchen

Stocker is a passionate sensualist and a bully — yet despite his manifest flaws, delectable flavors emerge from his greasy restaurant kitchen. His self-confidence falters when he falls in love with Angela, a young half-Vietnamese woman as strong-willed and hard-hearted as himself. The stories of others wind through Stocker’s Kitchen, but at the center stands Stocker himself, longing for the love and nurturance he can never quite find, and practicing his tainted magic.

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